The Cent-Soulor

Inspired by a passion for the open road. The Cent-Soulor training programs are your route to riding further than you ever have before.



The Col du Soulor

A beautiful mountain in the French Pyrenees. Not far from Pau, it was the first famous cycling climb I ever saw. It is still my favourite.


Blood, sweat and gears

Cycling has deep traditions and a surprising history. It creates experiences and takes us to places we could never imagine.



I have cycled all my life. I have raced, toured, ridden with family and ridden on my own. I have used the bike for fitness, for pleasure, for therapy and for adventure - and I have seen first hand the enjoyment people can get from it.

The Cent-Soulor was created with all this in mind. When you first start riding a bike it is exciting. You enter a new world, with a new language and new rules. 

But once started, how do you progress? How do you get fitter and how do you develop better cycling skills?

The Cent-Soulor answers all those questions - and more.


What's in the Cent-Soulor?
Peter Georgi, Creator of the Cent-Soulor cycle training program
Peter Georgi leading riders on the Cure Leukaemia Tour21 in 2022.



Building fitness takes time. One hard ride or an enthusiastic week will not get you big-ride ready. Instead, cycling needs to become part of your life. The biggest factor in endurance fitness is consistency in your training. 

The Cent-Soulor is a structured and progressive cycle fitness program that will help you get there. 

Each week you will be told what rides to do and when to do them. Downloadable PDFs outline your daily plan and detailed video descriptions give you the knowledge and confidence to get your pedals turning. Week by week you will build fitness and skill. The Cent-Soulor not only asks you to ride further each week but exposes you to the different ways of riding your bike needed for your 100km ride. You will be guided on nutrition and what clothing to wear. The Cent-Soulor Community Group is where you can connect with other riders and ask us questions.

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Video Tutorials

Comprehensive video instruction explains your rides, takes you through new skills and offers professional tips to enhance your bike riding.

Weekly PDFs

Downloadable PDFs outline your week ahead. Knowing what you have in store makes planning simpler and getting out on the bike easier.

Cent-Soulor Community

Want to hear from other people on the journey or have questions about the training? Our Community page is where you can do both.  

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Peter Georgi, coaching on the Cent-Soulor
Winter miles summer smiles. The perfect, steel framed winter training bike.