Help with Your Training

Stretching, Nutrition, Rollers & Link-My-Ride



Fitting a training regime into a busy schedule is not always easy.
Below are five aids that we find usefull in different ways.

Dynamic Cyclist

Dynamic Cyclist is a cycling specific comprehensive stretching program. Created in Canada, it is the only program I recommend to the riders I coach. 

The program lasts for over a year, with daily routines guided by video. They are easy to follow and at 15 minutes long, easy to fit into your schedule.

Dynamic Cyclist

15% Discount

The Cent-Soulor has agreed a discount of 15% with Dynamic Cyclist for all people on (and interested in) our course. Use the code SOULORCYCLES at their checkout to claim the discount.

Dynamic Cyclist


How you sit on a bike and how your feet attach to your pedals are hugely important when cycling. Even when buying your first bike, if you can get the right size, you will enjoy your cycling more.

So, when you get to the point of wanting expert help to fit your bike to your body, I 100% recommend CycleFit.

Based in Covent Garden, they were the first bike fit studio in the UK and have been serving professionals and the rest of us for over 20 years.

I send all the people I coach personaly there, they have looked after me, my children and most of the UK's current World Tour professionals. (pic shows their top team looking after the EF Professional Team at a pre season training camp)


Secret Training

Proper nutrition is essential when riding long distances and working hard on the bike. As you progress through the Cent-Soulor, getting your nutrition right will be a big factor in how you feel on rides.

Secret Training nutrition is designed to support both your workouts and recovery. Used by the best bike riders in the world, it is developed and manufactured in the UK.

As a Cent-Soulor rider you can claim 30% off all Secret Training nutrition and personal care pruducts. Once you've signed up, we'll send you your discount code.

Secret Training

Link My Ride

Link My Ride is a pre-ride organisational App that allows cyclists to explore, plan and create group rides - for free!

Use it to find cyclists near you, find group rides or arrange to meet up. Some of your rides on the Cent-Soulor will be long and ridning with other people can make things that much more fun. 

Link My Ride

Kretiler Rollers

There will be days when you can only train indoors. The modern way is to have a smart-trainer linked to a virtual cycling world. Great for committed cyclists, but not every beginer will have, or want that.

Rollers are a simple and efficient trainig aid. They have been around for years and you will see professional track riders warming up on them at major championships.

We like them because they build cycling skill and pedalling efficiency. Soulor Cycles is the UK importer of Kreitler rollers, arguably the best you can buy. 

Soulor Cycles