0 to 100km in 16 weeks 

Ever wished you had the fitness to ride 100km?

The Cent-Soulor's 16 week training course will get you there





As a new or returning cyclist you know that building fitness on a bike takes time and knowledge.

The Cent-Soulor gives you both.

Week by week your riding, skills and experience will increase until, come week 16 - you will be ready for your 100 km ride.


Peter Georgi, Creator Cent-Soulor on Col du Galibier


As a life long cyclist I love helping others find enjoyment riding a bike.

I am a qualified British Cycling coach and from beginners to professionals, I am constantly inspired by seeing other people's progress. I have helped many riders make it to the top echelon of the sport. 

The Cent-Soulor is my personal program and is the result of 40 years cycling and coaching experience. It will not only give you the fitness for your big ride but will let you discover the wonder of the open road.

Paul Brown

"I’ve never used any structured training plans or worked to any kind of cycling goal, so the Cent Soulor has been a big help. It's given me focus, encouragement & structure and is clearly based on many years of experience in the cycling world. 

It’s like having a knowledgeable cycling buddy keeping me riding & giving me helpful pointers."

Laurent Fignon

Pfeiffer Georgi

"My father coached me from when I was young, teaching me loads about riding a bike. His knowledge and guidance has helped me get to being able to ride my bike for a living.

The ideas and structure in the Cent-Soulor are the same ways I began and will help you start cycling in the right way."

So what is it really?

Watch this short introductory film from  Cent-Soulor course creator, Peter Georgi to find more.



3 ways we can help you.

16 week Cent-Soulor

Hardly ridden to your first 100km ➝

One-to-One Coaching

Working with you on a personal program 

Cent-Soulor community

Learning from each other ➝

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