Charity Partners

We work with and support two medical charities





At the Cent-Soulor we work with two incredible medical charities.

Action Medical Research and Cure Leukaemia support scientific research and both use cycling as a big part of their fundraising.

Discount your Cent-Soulor and raise more money

If you are planning a fund raising ride for either Action Medical Research or Cure Leukaemia you can get money off the Cent-Soulor and raise extra funds for your charity.

Let the charity know you are doing the Cent-Soulor and they will provide the discount code.

Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research raises money to directly fund the search for cures into rare childhood diseases. Over the past 70 years Action Medical has helped to beat polio, fight meningitis, prevent stillbirths and develop ultrasound scanning in pregnancy. This small but effective charity has transformed family health in the UK and across the world.

A large proprtion of its fundraising comes from organised cycle events - people new to cycling take on challenges to help others.

Action Medical

Cure Leukaemia

Cure Leukaemia was established in 2003 to allow patients with blood cancer in the Birmingham region to access groundbreaking new treatments which were then becoming available. Since then, Cure Leukaemia has expanded nationally to offer life-saving treatment to patients across the UK.

Unlike Action, Cure Leukaemia funds the medical trials for new techniques. That way, medical breakthroughs can get to more patients, quicker. It also pays for nurses to look after patients on those trials.

Cure Leukaemia

Reduction For You

Money For Your Charity

  • 10% off your Cent-Soulor cost
  • 15% to your chosen charity

Claim Your Discount

To claim your discount and support either Action Medical Research or Cure Leukaemia talk to them before signing up. If you preparing for one of their rides and want the Cent-Soulor to help you, they will provide you with a Coupon Code to unlock a 10% discount for you and a 15% donation to them.

Why These Charities?

Both Cure Leukaemia and Action Medical Research are close to my heart because of what they do.

I spent 11 years making films in the Science Deprtment of the BBC and much of that time was working on medical programmes. More often than not we were telling stories about new medical advances or scientific understandings that were leading to new treatments. These two charities directly fund and support scientific research and the advancement of medical understanding. They back the scientists and medics who save lives by bringing new treatments online. They may be small compared to some of the bigger charities but their impact is huge in the number of people they have saved over the years.